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ROW-B8: Bleeding Disorders Awareness Week

This week is national Bleeding Disorders Awareness Week, previously haemophilia awareness week. This year is really exciting because it is the first time the haemophilia foundation of Australia have recognised all Bleeding Disorders. Surprisingly, vWD is actually more common than haemophilia, because there are more instances of the mild form, where haemophilia is more common in its more severe forms, which do not occur as frequently across the general public. 
In the past haemophilia was a disorder believed only to affect men. It's a common misconception that vWD must then only affect women, however it affects both men and women equally. As awareness for other types of bleeding disorders increases, so do the recorded instances of haemophilia in women. While this is rare, it is most definitely not impossible. Recognising all bleeding disorders in awareness campaigns is greatly important in realigning this school of thought, and more and more women are receiving the adequate treatmen…

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